Thursday 13 March 2014

Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout

Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout Kit £14.99
Free From Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner £5.99 each

I'm not going to lie and say what first caught my attention was the watermelon scent of these products, however after I looked a little more into what they actually do I had to try them out.

This is the Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout Kit for Normal/Fine hair (also one for thick/coarse hair). This is a kit which promises frizz free, protected and .. hair for 6 weeks, for £14.99, sounds too good to be true so I will be updating this page in 6 weeks once I have been able to see the real results. There is also a shampoo and conditioner, sold separately, which they recommend you use throughout the 6 weeks to maintain results.

The kit comes with a Pre-cleanse Shampoo which you wash your hair with twice, leaving it on for 5 minutes for the latter wash and no conditioning is allowed. You then rough dry your hair (I just used a towel), section it in to three and cover it in the Active Keratin Treatment. Now I got a bit confused as it said do not oversaturate your hair, but the kit is only for one use and I used hardly any of the bottle so I am hoping it will work properly! Otherwise this may be why..

So, you then leave it on for 30-40 minutes (I gave it the full whack in hope that it works) and dry it until it is 'very slightly damp' with a towel or hairdryer. I then sectioned it off starting from the bottom and straightened it using GHD's, ensuring there was '6 to 7 strokes at least'. All went well until I reach the top where it seemed really greasy at the roots, I continued to straighten over it but it didn't budge however once I woke up it had all sunk it - phew!

My hair felt very smooth and quite thick and healthy the next morning, so far so good.. I wasn't allowed to wash or tie up my hair for 48hours to allow the treatment to set.

After a few days I gave my hair a good wash with the matching shampoo and conditioner. I did notice my hair felt softer and was easier to brush, once I dried it I couldn't notice a lot less frizz however I think the real test would be to leave my hair to dry naturally (plus I have curly hair therefore I am pretty prone to frizz). After a day of only blow drying my hair I actually thought it felt super soft and silky like I had straightened it, so maybe it needed a while to calm down after blasting with a hairdryer.

I think if you are looking for a treatment to try and have a spare £15 worth of Boots points or you are interested in the concept, then give it a go however, it's not life changing - for me at least!

Have you tried any similar treatments that have worked for you?

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