Wednesday 19 February 2014

New Buys: Dior

When Escentual ran their 25% off I knew I had to make an order, it was an offer I couldn't resist! They stock lots of French brands and a few high end brands like Dior, GUERLAIN and Clarins, all at a discounted price - score!

I had my eye on a few Dior things, so here's what I got..

My desperate search for a cuticle hydrator continues with this nifty little product. This comes in a small tube with a brush on the end, so as you squeeze out the oil you can easily apply it around your nails and on your cuticles. I have only tried this once so I haven't seen any long term benefits but it really hydrated them after I had popped on some polish and think it will be a great one to have at my desk for hydration throughout the day. I really want to try the cream now as the oil is quite light, if you have tried it, do you think I need it as well for a deeper treatment?

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
After using and forgetting about the Lancome lash primer, which I used to love, I decided to pop this into my basket and see if it worked as well. I spotted it previously on Amelia's blog who raves about it a lot, so it must be good right? right! I love this, it is a white mascara product which you coat your lashes with before actual mascara. I pop this on, do my bronzer whilst it dries down a bit, then slather on some mascara over the top. It does make your lashes feel dry, but if you keep building up the mascara it works wonders. I find it really separates my lashes as well as making them appear longer and my mascara seems to go on a lot better, but does take a little more work. It also claims to increase the health of your lashes, which I am yet to notice but I will keep you posted!

Dior Forever Foundation
Another foundation, typical. I used to love the Dior Sculpt Foundation, but it was a tad too heavy and I never got round to repurchasing, so I thought this would be a bit lighter but still manage to control my oily skin. First application and I am in love, it has great coverage but looks like skin and feels so light. The colour 11 Cream is a prefect match for me at the moment (check my foundation matches for shade help) and the texture is a matte, but not drying at all. This stayed on through a long working day and only had to touch up once! Something I thought Estee Lauder Double Wear was only capable of. A new fave for me and one to give a go if you are a loyal ELDW fan, although it still doesn't manage to top it.

Dior Trianon Blush - Corail Bagatelle
How could you resist that colour? A beautiful bright coral, which is going to be perfect for Spring/Summer. This was hard to use as you can see how pretty the imprinting is, but it is worth ruining the pretty look as on the face the colour transfers exactly like in the pan, really pigmented and managed to cling on to my oily skin all day. This is the perfect colour for me as I like to warm up my face with coral blushes and this really does that. I actually don't even mind the brush as it is quite soft and angled so if you wanted to take this out to touch up, you won't need a separate brush.

This is a new release from their spring collection, consisting of lots of amazing pastel colours and a few coraly pinks. Porcelaine is a beautiful, pastel blue that looks gorgeous against tanned skin. I love Dior formulas too as they are quite gel like and last a while on my nails. I would definitely recommend getting this if you love a pastel nail! I am really tempted by Bouquet also, but think it may be too similar to Tom Ford's Coral Beach.

What Dior products do you love?

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