Thursday 7 November 2013

New Brushes

When in need of new brushes, look no further than Sigma, amazing quality, great range and much cheaper than MAC...

I think I was watching Jaclyn's video of her brush collection and she could not stop raving about Sigma brushes. Cue me browsing UK retailers, ending up on Cocktail Cosmetics with four brushes in my cart and a big smile on my face!

Now before I get on to the brushes I must first compliment Cocktail Cosmetics. I ordered my brushes on Thursday morning and they came Friday morning with FREE delivery PLUS a free gift (see above) the Sigma E25, a perfect dupe for the MAC 217 and just as good. Now, you do have to spend over £50 to qualify for free delivery and I am unsure what you have to spend to receive the free gift ($30 on Sigma's US site so possibly £20) but it is totally worth it if you want to splurge on a few new brushes.

Sigma Large Powder F30
This brush is soo soft it is a pleasure to apply my powder with! I have the Real Techniques Powder Brush but I find it a little too big for my face. I did take a gamble on this brush as it was a 'large' brush but it is perfect for what I wanted, a quick sweep of powder down the T zone. I would say this is must have if you are just starting your brush collection as it isn't extremely expensive and is a brush everyone can use in their routine.

Sigma Tapered Highlighter Brush F35
I didn't really have a brush specifically for highlighter before this one. I used to use my RT Setting Brush but I like to use this for under eye powdering so didn't want to start mixing products up and have shimmery eye bags! As it is tapered it is perfect for pin point highlighting such as the tops of cheekbones and down the middle of the nose.

Sigma Small Contour Brush F05
My favourite of the four, this is the perfect brush for contour, especially paired with Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder. It fits in the hollows of my cheeks and blends whatever product you use seamlessly into the skin to give a very natural, sculpted look. You can also use the brush to build up product, starting lightly so you don't over do it. I was looking into the NARS contour brush but this one works great for me and at more than half the price I'm sold.

Sigma Round Top Kabuki F82
I own the flat top kabuki and I love that one so I was pretty sure I would like this one just as much and I do. A lovely little brush for buffing in foundation to give flawless coverage plus it is synthetic so it doesn't suck up all your product. It has a smaller surface than the F80 so gets in to the sides of your nose and other little hard to reach areas really well. I would highly recommend this and I am already eyeing up the rest of the kabuki collection swoon.

Sigma Blending Brush E25
What a great free gift eh? This is basically the MAC 217 brush but cheaper and in the travel size version. Picks up just the right amount of colour and is great for blending all over the lid, in the crease or softening the edges of a smokey eye. A great brush to buy if you are just starting to wear eyeshadow like me.

Now I have the Sigma bug, what other brushes should I buy?


  1. I've never heard of the brand but they sound really good! I'm also in need of some new brushes so they may make their way on my list for santa!

    1. They are great! Here's a discount code I used too on Cocktail Cosmetics: Basket05 - it's only 5% off but every little helps hey! xxx

  2. Never heard of these but they look great! I never used to care about or use brushes but I love them now xx