Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Londoner Blow Dry

For the years I have read Rose’s blog (a.k.a The Londoner) I have been desperately trawling through each post in the hope that somewhere she will reveal how or where she gets her hair blow dried so perfectly. To mine and lots of fellow followers delight that day came with a whole post dedicated to her hair and I have been using her tips and tricks ever since...

Now it seems that you do need good hair genes, to some extent, but here is my take on the blow dry..

First I wash my hair using Pantene Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, which I am loving at the moment as it doesn't weigh it down, and put it up in a fancy turban whilst I do my make up.

I take my hair down when it is semi-dry and spritz some Oribe Foundation Mist to save my frizzy ends as best I can. I then rake it through with my much-loved Tangle Teezer to get rid of any knots and tangles.

Last two prep steps are to use Living Proof Prime Extender, which I would highly recommend in this routine as it keeps my hair ‘swooshy’ all day and all round makes life a little easier, then Oribe Maximista to give your hair an oomph if it is a bit flat.

I frantically searched for the brushes Rose used but they seemed to be an Italian brand which isn’t readily available, so after trawling my favourite beauty sites I found a similar brush on Look Fantastic- the Macademia Oil Enriched Round Brush (54mm).

Following Rose’s tutorial I brushed and dried and got a little bit tangled but thought I did okay!

What do you think of the finished look? Any other products you would recommend?