Sunday 23 March 2014

Sample Samplin' #3

This week was a mix of Birchbox samples that I have received over the previous months, I actually really wanted to try a few of these things so whilst I was rummaging through my sample box I was really excited to start testing!

Lavera Hand Cream
First application, all I could think about was the smell and how much I didn't like it, don't get me wrong this did really make my hands feel smooth and hydrated but when something you don't like the smell of is on your hands, it's not good! I think this is for sensitive skin and I do get quite bumpy, red, sore hands and this didn't irritate them at all.

Dr Brandt Pores No More
I wasn't expecting much from this as I though, oh this will just be the same as Benefit Porefessional, but no this is so much better! For me Benefit's offering clumps up when I rub it in and doesn't really eliminate pores too much, however this goes on so incredibly smooth and I can see it fill in any pores I may have, it just creates a gorgeous base. This would also be a good product to use on its own when you are having a good skin day and don't want to cake on any foundation. The only downside is it is pricey (£39) so I think I will finish up this sample and see if I can't live without it.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
I am so fussy when it comes to foundation, if it leaves me shiny or it melts off it is a no go, but this I bought a full size after just one day testing! I have never tried a Benefit foundation before, they just don't really offer one for what I am looking for and to be honest I would have never bought this on a whim. It gives really nice coverage but doesn't feel heavy at all despite me layering it up on my trouble areas and it gives a satin finish. This lasted a whole working day for me with a little touch up of powder on the nose (no foundation can escape that) and that really was the boiling point!

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
My eyelids are very oily (how can eyelids even be oily?!) so a primer is a big must for me, I also have a few veins so one that conceals them too is great. On first application I thought I was going to love this, it applied like a concealer colour, was really light and covered any imperfections BUT once I had opened my eyes it creased immediately, I hadn't even put any eyeshadow on? So this will not be a purchase for me.

Have you tried any great samples this week?

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  1. Hiya Chloe! this eye primer/concealer is absolutely rubbish!!!!! I have oily eye lids so what i do is i apply my pro-longwear concealer on my eyelids and then actually apply my studio fix power over it. I've found that it really helps keep my eyelids matte and it doesn't even crease my concealer or eye shadows if i wear any. Anyway your blog is FAB! still a product junkie ayyy, haha hope you're okay! x

    1. Hey stranger! Thanks for the tip that worked so well, no point wasting money on primers anymore! Thank youu!! I am obsessed it's embarrassing... Hope you are well sweet xx