Thursday 20 March 2014

French Pharmacy Buys

Escentual, one of my fave online beauty shops if you haven't already guessed, is offering a 1/3 off French pharmacy brands throughout March, so I obviously couldn't pass up such a good offer...

Avene Cleanance Gel
I heard Tijan talking about this in one of her videos and it sounded right up my street. It is from Avene's line aimed at oily skin and I am partial to a gel cleanser, despite people recommending you stay clear, they just work for me. This one feels extremely gentle and is great for using in the morning as it feels like it gets rid of any nasties from over night. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all and I find it helps calm any blemishes I may have.

Klorane Mango Butter Conditioning Balm
This caught my eye simply because it had the words 'mango' and 'butter' in the name (bad I know..) however I have only popped this on once in the shower and I know its going to be a new addition to my hair care favourites. Firstly it smells gorgeous as you would expect and secondly it left my hair feeling so soft and hydrated, with less frizz than usual.

Klorane Dry Shampoo
I still haven't found my holy grail dry shampoo and for a girl who likes to exercise, this is a must! This one intrigued me as it says on the website "this dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and allows you to wash your hair less often with liquid shampoo in the case of greasy and very greasy hair." which is me all over. I spritzed this in my roots and it was quite grey, but after I had let it sink in for a few minutes and continued to brush it out it disappeared (darker hair girls I would be wary though). What I liked about this was that one it smelt lovely and two it didn't leave my hair feeling dirtier than before, which the likes of Batiste tend to do, it just left it feeling clean, soft and no product build up at all.

What are your favourite French Pharmacy picks? I may have to make another order..

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