Thursday 19 June 2014

Running Tips

 A bit of a different post today, but who says different is bad? I have been running a lot recently, especially as it has got lighter outside, I just sort of got into it, so here's some tips to keep it up!

Set Targets
My number one mistake was not setting a target, whether it be weight, pace or time, set yourself goals and then you can measure your success. I love to sign up for fun runs and charity runs as it gives me a target but it isn't a huge pressure. Then you can...

Treat Yourself
I always find if I have nice running gear I am a lot happier to go out, so rather than treating yourself with some choccy cake, buy a new top or some running leggings once you reach your goals. I love Nike and Helly Hansen for new clothes.

Two Birds With One Stone
I take my dog out with me so it makes sure he has been walked and I get some exercise, plus it's like having a running partner, especially because I have to keep up with him (Working Cocker Spaniels are fast!)

App It Up
I always feel really good when I know how far, fast or how long I have been running so using an app to track it is great. I love Runkeeper, it tracks your run on a map, calories, distance, speed and lets you know how long you have been running every five minutes. You can also set reminders and goals to keep you motivated, which I always need. I don't run a huge amount, around 20-30 minutes, but it has really made such a difference to my health.

Watch It
I have a Polar FT4 and I couldn't be without it. I find it really helps with my run as I can see how many calories I've burnt and you can keep an eye on your heart rate - you will start to see it go down as you get fitter! It's not a necessity, as the app is great, but it could be a treat when you hit a milestone.

Don't Give Up
If you have a bad run and feel exhausted or don't end up going out, don't give up, we all have bad days! When I'm running and feel like giving up I think to myself 'it's not your legs that are giving up, it's you' this keeps me going and the thought of a long hot shower afterwards is always nice. Once you get into the swing of it, if you miss a run you will really notice and want to get straight back out there yes this does happen I promise.

I also love reading Funeral For My Fat when I am feeling un-motivated, Sharee is amazing, just check her out.

Have you got any more tips that keep you motivated?

P.S I have started up the exercise program Insanity again, so let me know if you want a post on that :)

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