Saturday 22 February 2014

Eyebrows For Ashy Blondes

I struggled a long time trying to find the perfect match for my light brown but ashy eyebrows, every colour I seemed to stumble upon made my eyebrows look far too red or even orange, so I have to share some of my favourites in case you are having the same battle!

The good…

MAC Eyeshadow Omega
This was the first product I found to match my eyebrows, it is a matte, light grey/brown and looks amazing if you have time in the morning to find a brush and apply. I tend to use whatever angled brush is in sight but pictured is my most used Models Own Angled Brush (do I need to try a better one?). I swipe the brush in the pot and start half way through my brows carefully filling them in. I find this lasts all day, especially if set with brow gel, and you can get a natural look by using less product in the front or create a full shaped brow.

MAC Fling
My second dabble into eyebrow products and this time I wanted a quick and easy pencil product I could use to speedly scribble in my brows and this was perfect. I found it took a good few months for me to use up despite using it everyday, so I am not sure if I am just using less than everyone else! Anyway this is kind of like Omega eyeshadow but in a waxy, eyebrow pencil form, which again lasts me all day (with oily skin) and I can create a lovely sculpted but natural brow effect as the nib is very small.

I bought this on a whim as it was buy one get one half price in Boots and wanted one of their eyeshadow palettes, so I chanced it.. And I am sure glad I did. This is a dual ended product with a waxy pencil at one end and a thin pen like nib at the other. The colour is great, very similar to the MAC Fling pencil, which I was completely taken aback by as drugstore eyebrow products are usually very red toned. I love using the thin nib in the front of my brows to create small, hair like strokes and the pencil end to fill in the middle to ends of my brows for a fuller effect.

And the bad..

When my quest for the perfect brow pencil started I went to MAC as I knew they had a good reputation, the sales assistant chose this pencil for me, despite me specifically asking for something with no red tones in it at all. I went home (a lie I was actually at the airport) and tried it, completely the wrong colour. I could see it being a good product if it was correct but it just doesn’t match and looks a little bit silly if I am honest as it is so red toned compared to my brows.

What are your favourite brow products?

P.S I've added a few new bits to my blog sale here

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