Wednesday 26 February 2014

Ski Essentials

Since I am currently in Austria for a four day ski-athon I thought I would share my favourite products to keep everything plump and hydrated. Being up on a mountain all day plays havoc on your skin and even hair. 

I absolutely love this hydrating mask, even though I have oily skin, it doesn't feel heavy or clog your pores but manages to inject a dose of moisture into dry and unhappy skin. Plus this smells a-m-a-zing, I cannot describe, I wish I had a body wash that smelt the same, any ideas? I also slap this on whilst I am on the plane as it is transparent and you can just wipe away the excess once it has all sunk in.

A must when you are skiing as the sun can really burn your skin, especially your lips! I don't bother going fancy for this one as they all work, although I did dither over the Piz Buin one, but £6.00 for a lip balm? Not sure.. I picked up this Soltan one from boots for £3.50 and it does the job, keeps my lips hydrated and protects them from the harsh rays (can also double up as face protection which I didn't realise!).

A high SPF suncream is another necessity (especially this holiday, the sun has come out to play in Austria!), it may sound silly but up in the mountains is the place where you will get the worst sunburn, especially on your nose! I like this as it is the lightest face cream I have found and seems to last me the whole day without getting any sign of a tomato face.

Lancome Waterproof Mascara
A waterproof mascara is one of my must-haves on holiday, I always manage to get snow in my eyes some way or the other so preventing that awful panda eye is key. Also if I ski without goggles my eyes water like a hose pipe so it needs to stay put. I really like this one from Lancome and I have relied on it since I went swimming in the sea in Jersey whilst the waves were up to my head and it stayed put! I like the original wand best for the waterproof version but this was the only one they had left in duty free.

Have you got any must haves for your winter holidays?

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